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Easy Weekend Wear

Easy weekend wear for relaxed and chic dressing options. Effortless pieces that expand your wardrobe and change your look instantly. Go to: Eri & Ali, Greylin, T.La, One September, Tops

One September

Slide View: 1: Frida Wrap Skirt Slide View: 1: Paradiso Halter Dress Slide View: 1: Sydney Floral Top
Frida Wrap Skirt Paradiso Halter Dress Sydney Floral Top
Rayon; rayon lining This maxi features a whimsical koi fish print in cheerful hues for the perfect statement piece. Rayon, cotton


Slide View: 3: Austin Top Slide View: 1: Wesley Embroidered Pullover
Austin Top Wesley Embroidered Pullover
Rayon, cotton. Split neck. Embroidered detail Rayon, linen. Embroidered detail


Slide View: 1: Colorblock Eyelet Top Slide View: 1: Cashmere Striped Tee Slide View: 1: Breezy Sunday Tunic
Colorblock Eyelet Top Cashmere Striped Tee Breezy Sunday Tunic
Cotton Cashmere Rayon, polyester. High-low hem

Slide View: 1: Wellesley Buttondown Slide View: 1: 3x1 NYC Open-Back Striped Tee Slide View: 1: Brittany Collared Tee
Wellesley Buttondown 3x1 NYC Open-Back Striped Tee Brittany Collared Tee
Ease into the art of pattern-mixing by pairing classic florals and stately stripes, like the ones on this blouse. It's a timeless duo that's made for spring. Viscose, spandex This fitted top balances a dramatic wide leg or your favorite flares for a figure-flattering look.

Slide View: 1: Current/Elliot Love Letter Buttondown Slide View: 1: Reyes Printed Top Slide View: 1: Lemlem Halter Cami
Current/Elliot Love Letter Buttondown Reyes Printed Top Lemlem Halter Cami
Here, a whimsical typography motif updates the classic buttondown - tuck into skirts or high-waisted denim for a flattering look. Cotton, silk Cotton, acrylic

Slide View: 1: Woman Kind Graphic Tee Slide View: 1: Providence Tunic Slide View: 2: Andrea Lace Blouse
Woman Kind Graphic Tee Providence Tunic Andrea Lace Blouse
Cotton, polyester, rayon. Embroidered detail Rayon, polyester, spandex Cotton

Slide View: 1: Barnsley Ruffled Top Slide View: 1: Cirrina Buttondown Slide View: 1: Gretchen Ruffle-Sleeve Blouse
Barnsley Ruffled Top Cirrina Buttondown Gretchen Ruffle-Sleeve Blouse
Nylon, cotton; polyester lining Rayon, acrylic. Embroidered detail This on-trend blouse has tiered ruffles on the sleeves for all the drama and flare you crave.


Slide View: 1: Morning Glory Blouse Slide View: 1: Gardenia Embellished Top Slide View: 1: Sunflower Embroidered Henley
Morning Glory Blouse Gardenia Embellished Top Sunflower Embroidered Henley
A sweetly embroidered, Henley-style blouse is well-suited to the start of spring. World-renowned for incorporating traditional fabrication and embroidery in each thoughtful piece, Nikasha has been designing womenswear for over a decade. With each delicately detailed garment, the label pays homage to India'??s rich culture, while incorporating contemporary handcrafted elements to set them apart. Cotton. Ruffled and embroidered detail

Slide View: 1: Florence Embroidered Top Slide View: 1: Carmen Patterned Top Slide View: 1: Ruffled One-Shoulder Top
Florence Embroidered Top Carmen Patterned Top Ruffled One-Shoulder Top
Nylon, cotton; polyester, rayon, spandex lining. Embroidered detail Rayon, cotton Founded by Creative Director Melanie Flintoft and designer Carmen Dugan, Keepsake celebrates strength and femininity in fashion. Classically elegant, their garments are prized by celebrities and tastemakers around the globe for their flattering simplicity and sophistication.

Eri & Ali

Slide View: 1: Avisa Ruffled Skirt Slide View: 1: Polka Dot Peplum Top Slide View: 1: Pomona Embroidered Skirt
Avisa Ruffled Skirt Polka Dot Peplum Top Pomona Embroidered Skirt
Rayon; polyester lining Polyester, rayon, spandex Polyester; polyester lining. Embroidered detail

Slide View: 1: Elizabeth Ruffled Top Slide View: 1: Embroidered Tulle Midi Skirt Slide View: 1: Dartmoor Tiered Maxi Skirt
Elizabeth Ruffled Top Embroidered Tulle Midi Skirt Dartmoor Tiered Maxi Skirt
Rayon, polyester, spandex Polyester; polyester lining Polyester; polyester lining

Slide View: 1: Tamira Lace Dress Slide View: 1: Vineyard A-Line Skirt Slide View: 1: Swann Lace Dress
Tamira Lace Dress Vineyard A-Line Skirt Swann Lace Dress
Cotton; polyester lining Linen, cotton In true romantic form, this dress features delicate lace and a hanky hem - just add heels and earrings for an ethereal, occasion-ready effect.

Slide View: 1: Dorothy Lace Skirt Slide View: 3: Winifred Floral Top Slide View: 1: Poet Lace Skirt
Dorothy Lace Skirt Winifred Floral Top Poet Lace Skirt
Cotton, polyester; cotton lining Sheer polyester; polyester lining. Embroidered detail Polyester, cotton; polyester lining

Slide View: 3: Nova Ruffled-Hem Tee Slide View: 1: Blaine Wrap Top Slide View: 1: Belted Poplin Blouse
Nova Ruffled-Hem Tee Blaine Wrap Top Belted Poplin Blouse
Cotton Rayon, polyester, spandex Cotton

Slide View: 1: Dancer Tulle Skirt Slide View: 1: Bow-Tied Poplin Top Slide View: 1: Rohan Striped Peplum
Dancer Tulle Skirt Bow-Tied Poplin Top Rohan Striped Peplum
Polyester; polyester, spandex lining Tie your look up with an oversized bow - this lovely poplin blouse looks lovely with your favorite patterned pants, or layered under a cardigan. Linen, cotton

Slide View: 3: Vitti Top Slide View: 1: Polka Dot Peplum Top Slide View: 1: About Town Striped Skirt
Vitti Top Polka Dot Peplum Top About Town Striped Skirt
Inspired by the classic white buttondown, this blouse makes for an ideal layering piece - simply add a blazer or a statement necklace. The timeless print on this peplum makes it the perfect match for your favorite chinos or indigo jeans this spring. Cotton; rayon lining

Slide View: 1: Batavia Floral Blouse Slide View: 1: Nora Eyelet Blouse Slide View: 1: Priscilla Eyelet Top
Batavia Floral Blouse Nora Eyelet Blouse Priscilla Eyelet Top
An adorable floral print and a cinched waist make for an enviable, feminine buttondown. Cotton Cotton


Slide View: 1: Elmira Buttondown Slide View: 1: Audrina Lace Top Slide View: 1: Textured Lace Blouse
Elmira Buttondown Audrina Lace Top Textured Lace Blouse
Cotton. Lace detail Polyester Cotton

Slide View: 1: Jodi Washed Tee Slide View: 1: Mixed-Stripe Blouse Slide View: 1: Beatriz Top
Jodi Washed Tee Mixed-Stripe Blouse Beatriz Top
Cotton. Embroidered hem Cotton; cotton lining. Ruffle detail Polyester; polyester lining. Pleated detail. Lace trim


Slide View: 1: Long-Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee Slide View: 1: Casey Poplin Shirt
Long-Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee Casey Poplin Shirt
Polyester, rayon, spandex Cotton, spandex


Even at a young age, Dora Lim felt at home in the world of design. After her parents started a manufacturing business, Lim quickly became fascinated by the art of making clothes and spent hours on the production floor observing the designers and seamstresses at work. Years later, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and launched her own line, Greylin. Each tailored, timeless garment showcases Lim's lifelong passion for clothing and design.

Slide View: 1: Tiered Wide-Leg Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Selter Joggers Slide View: 1: Leni Flared Pants
Tiered Wide-Leg Jumpsuit Selter Joggers Leni Flared Pants
Polyester; polyester lining Lyocell Polyester, rayon, spandex; polyester lining

Slide View: 1: Christina Draped Blazer Slide View: 1: Sharmila Bell-Sleeved Blazer Slide View: 1: Fillmore Blazer
Christina Draped Blazer Sharmila Bell-Sleeved Blazer Fillmore Blazer
Polyester; cotton lining Polyester, spandex While it's the perfect topper for graphic tees, a tuxedo-style blazer is also polished enough to top your favorite party dress.

Slide View: 1: Joslyn Striped Jacket Slide View: 1: Trina Romper Slide View: 1: Audrey Fringed Linen Jacket
Joslyn Striped Jacket Trina Romper Audrey Fringed Linen Jacket
Linen, cotton; polyester, rayon lining Rayon, viscose Linen, cotton; cotton lining. Fringe detail


Dyed, cut and sewn in the Los Angeles fashion district, each T.La knit is inspired by the laidback aesthetic of LA. With comfy, weekend-ready versatility serving as the inspiration for each style, T.La adds of-the-moment flourishes and fits, ensuring that these basics are anything but.

Slide View: 1: Becky Tie-Waist Dress Slide View: 1: Babette Sleeveless Tunic Slide View: 1: Ribbed Mock Neck Top
Becky Tie-Waist Dress Babette Sleeveless Tunic Ribbed Mock Neck Top
Cotton, modal, rayon Black: cotton, modal, rayon. Floral: polyester, cotton, rayon Cotton, polyester, spandex

Slide View: 1: Laidback V-Neck Tee Slide View: 1: Back-Twist Tee Slide View: 1: Rooney Printed Tee
Laidback V-Neck Tee Back-Twist Tee Rooney Printed Tee
Carbon, coral, white & yellow: cotton. Grey: polyester, cotton, rayon Far from basic, this open-back tee is a breezy layer you can style year-round. Cotton. Pleated detail

Slide View: 1: Remi Striped Top Slide View: 1: Jackie Textured Jacket Slide View: 1: Follow The Sun Graphic Tee
Remi Striped Top Jackie Textured Jacket Follow The Sun Graphic Tee
Cotton, modal Cotton, polyester Cotton, modal

Slide View: 1: Roselyn Tee Slide View: 1: Tied-Sleeve Tee Slide View: 3: Blossom Striped Top
Roselyn Tee Tied-Sleeve Tee Blossom Striped Top
Polyester, cotton, rayon Cotton, modal Cotton, modal


Slide View: 1: Paisley V-Neck Tee Slide View: 1: Lima Buttondown Slide View: 1: Glenside Knotted Tee
Paisley V-Neck Tee Lima Buttondown Glenside Knotted Tee
Cotton, modal Cotton, modal Cotton, modal

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